Prof. Wardle gives honorary alumni lecture at his alma mater Penn State University

November 17, 2023

"I (Prof. Wardle) was fortunate to visit Penn State University, his alma mater, and give a lecture in the Dept. of Aerospace Engineering. This was such a fun and productive visit, including PSU’s impressive Materials Research Institute and many new things in AERSP Dept. as well. Highlight was catching up with former group member Prof. Namiko Yamamoto, her students and collaborators, and one of my PSU Professors, Dr. Mark Maughmer.  Dr. Maughmer found pictures of me as a student making composites from the 1990s! I was honored to receive the McCormick Honorary Alumni Lecturer award. Pictured are Dr. Ed Smith (PSU), Brian, Dr. Mark Maughmer (PSU), and Dr. Namiko Yamamoto (PSU and formerly necstlab).” - Prof. Wardle