A new necstlab record - 6 Autoclave Plates created in one day

The team pulls together and remains hard at work in our research lab - on July 13th, a crew of researchers gathered in our lab for an all-day prep session to support the upcoming trip to the SPring-8 facility.

They took 11.5 hours, 72 CFRP plies, 72 GFRP plies, 22 Nanostitch 1.0 specimens, and 22 Nanostitch 2.0 specimens, added some elbow grease and produced 6 autoclave plates ready-to-go for the huge autoclave run tomorrow!

Thanks to (pictured left-to-right) : Steven, Carina, Palak, Erick, and (not pictured) : Jingyao, Ani, and Marianna for making this happen in the short time frame!