Prof. Wardle's sensor work with Analog Devices and Metis Design Corporation named Finalist in DoD Maintenance Innovation Challenge

July 26, 2023

Prof. Wardle's work with Analog Devices and Metis Design Corporation on Witness Integrity Sensor Platform (WISP) technology was recently selected as a finalist for the DoD Maintenance Innovation Challenge. The DoD Maintenance Innovation Challenge seeks to identify and recognize innovations that optimize the performance of weapon systems and equipment by reducing maintenance burdens, minimizing total ownership costs, and improving weapon system availability. WISP is a sustainment technology that enables condition-based maintenance. Rather than relying on scheduled maintenance, which impacts asset availability, condition-based maintenance integrates sensors strategically on vehicles to inspect continuously, then maintenance is performed on an as-needed basis using that sensor data. WISP system components have passed DoD airworthiness and cybersecurity requirements and are currently being field-tested for both Naval applications at sea and flight trials on a fighter jet.

More information can be found in this Navy Spotlight Article: